Website Helpline: (+9133) 66527800 Ext : 219 or 209
Website Helpline: (+9133) 66527800 Ext : 219 or 209

Party & Conference Phoenix

Phoenix Room

The Phoenix Room, the plush banqueting hall, is the scene for many conferences, meetings & banquets. A place that warms to the congregation.
The Room can accommodate from 50 to 220 people, depending on the seating arrangements.
The small phoenix is created by partitioning the large phoenix on one side.

For booking contact the Secretariat

Seating Capacity Chart

Option Conference Style Seating
Small Phoenix 50
Large Phoenix 80
Whole Phoenix 120
Theatre Style Seating Parties and Cocktails
60 60
105 110
200 220

Other Locations in the Club for Small Party Gatherings

  • Room No. 1

    For private cocktail parties or small dinners you can book Room No. 1. With a circular extended balcony overlooking the club lawn, the room offers privacy as well as a special ambience for small functions.

    For booking contact The Secretariat
  • Wills Lifestyle Lounge

    For smaller high-tea gatherings or if you are thinking of inviting guests to cocktails, The Lounge may offer the atmosphere you want, where up to 35 persons can spend pleasant afternoons / evenings.

    For booking contact The Secretariat
  • Antiquity Bar

    The Large Phoenix or the Whole Phoenix can also be booked along with the adjoining Antiquity Bar, comes with serving staff and a wide choice of well known brands of liquor.

    For booking contact The Secretariat

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